On this site you will find pages that describe context  information for a variety of texts that portray professional women. You can search by genre, topic, or profession. Please enjoy!!

This website project comes out of an English/Women Studies course titled Introduction to Women ‘s Writing: Representations of Professional Women. The project was built across the semester; groups turned in pieces every two weeks and then compiled the information into the web pages you see here. Throughout the process, groups shared their ideas and progress with the class, and all students voted on the theme and the title of the site. You can find the assignment instructions below.


Context Website Project Assignment

In this project you will work in partners or groups of three to construct a webpage which lays out the context of a work that centers around the representation of a professional woman. Your group will be able to choose the genre, time period, and profession of the text you work with, subject to my approval.

Pieces of this project will be due throughout the semester and we will be spending some time in class each week after the first discussing what is expected for each piece and sharing your progress with classmates. We will first work to create and gather the necessary information and then move to formatting the information for a good webpage.

We will be using two different websites as models for what your pages could look like: http://wwp.neu.edu/context/index.html



While you will be responsible for deciding the layout of your own webpage, the required elements are:

  1. Reviews of the text
  2. A biography of the author
  3. A summary of the text
  4. Connections to other people/texts
  5. Historical context of the text
  6. Themes from the text (for tags)
  7. A works cited
  8. Images

You will be turning in the following pieces throughout the semester. The due dates for each piece can be found on the course schedule and on TCU Online.

  1. a summary of the text
  2. an annotated bibliography
  3. biographical sketch and historical context piece
  4. draft of reviews and connections
  5. draft of webpage
  6. final webpage



Descriptions of Required Elements: Every element should be a combination of your research (cited) and your own thoughts.

  1. Reviews of the text: you should include 3-5 reviews of the text you have chosen. You may take the reviews from any source you chose but be sure to consider the reliability of the sources. Consider:
    1. Are the reviews all positive/negative/mixed? What structure best represents this? One big paragraph? A few shorter ones? Etc.
    2. If the text is not recent are the reviews at the time of publishing different from current reviews? Why might this be? If not, why not?
    3. Reflect on what the text’s reception says about the society it was written in.
  2. A biography of the author: Reflect on the first week’s readings when writing this. What is the best way to describe the life of this woman?
  3. Summary of the text: about 7-10 sentences which capture the essence of the text
  4. Connections to other texts/people:
    1. Who has this author been compared to? Who are their contemporaries?
    2. Has the text been compared to others? How or why not?
    3. What connections do you see to other texts you have read? (themes, content, format)
  5. Historical Context:
    1. What was going on in the world at the time of this text that influenced it? This could be changes in the larger world, women’s place in that world, changes in the profession represented, etc.
  6. Themes: our site will need tags so it is more searchable- please list 3-5 themes for your text that could be added to the tags
  7. A works cited: that includes every source (including images) cited on your page.
  8. Images: which break up the text, relate to your page content, and make the page more web friendly


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